Our Litigation and Arbitration Department works advising clients from the perspective of anticipating potential litigation and diputes, giving a service of prevention and analysis of the possible causes that may lead to a court, judicial or arbitration dispute. This approach protects the interests of our clients all times.

We advice in the following areas:


  • Advice on extrajudicial claims.
  • Claims of contractual and extracontractual liability.
  • Disputes between partners and / or shareholders.
  • Enforcement of shareholders agreements.
  • Contesting the resolutions and decisions of the Board of Directors.
  • Directors Liability.
  • Civil and Commercial Agreements (Contract of Hire, Agency, Distribution, License and Franchise).
  • Resolution procedures and contractual rescission.
  • Debt recovery.
  • Claims on Banking Law.
  • Legal councel to defend the interests of our clients in all types of proceedings before all jurisdictional orders.
  • Enforce processes.
  • Enforce processes in Spain of judments, personal and real guarantees, bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes and legal titles.
  • Small Claims Court.
  • Claim for the execution of negotiable instruments.
  • Claims of Aerial Law (Flight delays, AESA inspections).


  • “Ad hoc” Arbitrations.
  • Institutional Arbitrations.
  • International Arbitrations (UNCITRAL, ICC).
  • Drafting arbitration clauses.
  • Appoinment of Arbitrators
  • Actions for annulment and review of arbitral awards.
  • Enforment of International and National arbitral awards.
  • Investment arbitrations.